Hawaii House Committee Approves Bill to Replace Traffic Camera Program

February 15, 2002

According to KITV, the Hawaiichannel.com, a state House committee gave the go-ahead on a bill Feb. 13 to repeal the traffic camera program and replace it with a new improved program they hope drivers find more to their liking.

The House Transportation Committee approved a bill to scrap the present traffic camera program for a while. However, Republicans on the committee still pushed for a flat out repeal.

Hawaii drivers have been expressing their displeasure with the current program, and House members are asking it be replaced with a newer version.

The new contract proposal looks for a fee structure as opposed to giving the vendors $30 for each ticket they issue.

Citations are required to display a picture of the driver as well as the car and car license. There will be no insurance increase due to traffic camera tickets.

According to the traffic vendor, the major problem is that it is difficult to obtain a picture of the driver that would stand up in court, especially when taken in the evening hours. Presently, the cameras obtain only a picture of just the speeding vehicle, along with its license.

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