McMahon Sues Company over Alleged Toxic Mold

April 11, 2002

Entertainer Ed McMahon is suing his insurance company for $20 million, alleging that a toxic mold spread through his house and made McMahon and his family ill, according to reports by the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times.

McMahon’s troubles began when a plumbing pipe ruptured in his Beverly Hill’s home in July, causing extensive water damage to his den. Contractors were brought in to clean it up, but a month later mold was found in the den.

The mold reportedly moved onto to other parts of the home through air conditioning and heating ducts, including McMahon’s bedroom and bathroom.

Both McMahon, and his wife Pamela, reportedly became ill shortly thereafter. McMahon suffered from congestion and coughing, forcing him to cancel speaking engagements over a four-month period. Members of their household staff also suffered, and the McMahon’s believe the mold was the cause of their dog’s death.

The McMahon’s alleged in their suit that they were assured that they could remain in their house and be safe while the cleanup took place. The McMahon’s also questioned the cleanup practices of the company, declaring that they simply painted over the mold, and abandoned the project when it became too difficult to repair.

McMahon is suing American Equity Insurance Company, two insurance adjusters, and several environmental cleanup contractors. The suit seeks monetary damages for alleged breach of contract, emotional distress, and negligence.

The McMahon’s are renting a $23,000-a-month house while they try to resolve the dispute and get their house cleaned up.

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