Hawaii Employers Mutual Signs with Connective Technologies

January 16, 2003

Connective Technologies Inc. announced that they had entered into a contract with Hawaii Employers Mutual Insurance Company (HEMIC) to provide real-time upload from the AMS family of agency management systems. The TEAM-UP upload follows the “hybrid” interface approach, which re-uses a company’s Web site rather than building, distributing and maintaining company unique edits.

Agents have been very receptive to this type of interface because it eliminates the number one complaint of carrier Web sites, which is duplicate entry. This interface approach is also growing among carriers due to the ability to reduce the time to market and lessen vendor dependence.

“HEMIC had several business objectives that we were trying to achieve. First, we wanted to make it easy for agents to bring us business. Second, we did not want to build redundant solutions using proprietary tools to do something that our Web site already provides. Third, HEMIC wanted to maximize our return on the investment we’ve made on our Web site. Using TEAM-UP to achieve these goals seemed to be a natural fit,” states Bob Dove, president and CEO of HEMIC.

TEAM-UP provides secure, encrypted Internet transmissions of extract files from all of the leading agency management systems in the market. Once the file has reached the carrier, TEAM-UP has extensive integration capabilities built on the WebSphere (Eclipse) platform so that the carrier’s existing processing infrastructure can be used for such things as real-time rating and issuance.

TEAM-UP was introduced to the market in June 2002 and has gained significant traction with carriers. The full implementation of the solution is estimated to take between four to six weeks per line of business depending on the availability of existing carrier components.

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