New Market: Long Haul

August 4, 2003

Cascade/Amstar has unveiled a new market for long haul trucking, including cargo and general liability. Endorsements – State, ICC and Cargo Liability Filings as required. Appointed brokers have immediate access to this new facility. Non-appointed brokers can call or e-mail for approval. The program is specifically designed for 1 to 25 vehicles. Brokers must complete and submit the Cascade/Amstar application, a minimum of three years, loss runs and MVR’s for each driver to receive a quote.

Dollars: Policy limits are: $1 Mil Auto Liability & Gen’l Liability; ACV for physical damage and cargo. Deductibles are: No liability deductible; $1,000 minimum deductible for physical damage and cargo. Minimum premiums vary depending on Risk, Class of Vehicle and Radius of Operations.

Carrier: “A” Rated, admitted market.

States Available: Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada and Oregon.

For more information, call 800-310-0588 or (909) 898-8960 or log onto .

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