ABD Announces Enhancements to CyberSure(R) Client Service Portal

May 25, 2004

Redwood City, Calif.-based ABD Insurance & Financial Services, a provider of global risk management and employee benefits solutions, has announced significant enhancements to its online customer service center, CyberSure®, delivered in partnership with Riskclick, the leader in collaborative Web services software to the commercial insurance industry.

The latest upgrades to CyberSure (www.cybersure.com) are facilitated by the use of Riskclick Web services, and have been endorsed by Microsoft Corp. as a reference implementation of the .NET Framework. The enhancements have delivered significant efficiencies in multinational client services, reducing the amount of manual intervention and paperwork that was previously necessary to collaborate with clients across state and international borders.

Recent CyberSure refinements have reduced the elapsed time of customer service processes by 25 percent, improved levels of customer satisfaction amongst ABD clients, and already contributed to nearly 50 major customer wins valued in excess of $5 million. And with CyberSure responsible for a 36 percent decline in processing expenses, ABD expects the productivity gained by the enhanced portal to ultimately reduce its cost base by approximately $1.2 million per year.

“ABD’s successful deployment of Riskclick Web services marks an industry first in the next wave of commercial insurance computing,” said Dennis Maroney, Microsoft Corporation’s Worldwide Insurance Industry Specialist. “As much as 90 percent of P/C transactions in the global commercial insurance industry still end up requiring manual intervention. But by harnessing Web services and data interchange standards embedded in the Riskclick platform, CyberSure allows ABD and their partners to share and process information without resorting to paper, phone calls and physical meetings.”

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