Average Cost of Household Water Damage Still Climbing Despite Drop in Claims

November 23, 2004

  • May 26, 2013 at 10:30 am
    Frank Newkirk says:
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    The Insurance Industry could significantly reduce their water damage costs caused by hot water heaters by requiring home owners to take advantage of newly developed technology that would warn them that a problem has developed in their hot water heater.

    Very few people, if any, properly maintain their hot water heaters and the new technology would automatically warn the homeowner that they need to take action to resolve the problem.

    If the Industry were to initiate this policy, the hot water heater manufacturers would be forced to put this new technology to use in their hot water heaters.

    Hot water heaters are not installed in a manner that allows the homeowner to maintain it as suggested in the owners manual and most homeowners are not going to call a plumber to do it.

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