California Insurance Wholesalers Urged to Get Active, Pursue Legislation

June 16, 2006

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the California Insurance Wholesalers Association held June 8 – 9 in Napa, Calif., outgoing President Mark Maucere urged the members of CIWA to get active to protect their business and the ability of California Wholesalers to serve the retail brokers and agents, and insurance consumers, of California.

“It is clear that CIWA will need to pursue legislation in the next session,” Maucere commented. “We need clarity in the code as to the circumstances under which it is permissible for wholesalers to charge fees. In addition, we need assurance that we will not be exposed to litigation by random third parties who are upset that insurance wasn’t in place to pay for damages they’re seeking.

“CIWA is going to need legislative clout next year, and that means political action this year. In the upcoming elections, CIWA, CIWA members and CIWA associate members are all going to be called on to get active in supporting key races. Our grassroots campaign will be called upon to deliver the message to key legislators. And our lobbying efforts in Sacramento will need to be effective.

“In order for CIWA to continue protecting its members, we need growth and new involvement. Each of its members have unique talents, talents that with a small amount of energy can bring large amounts of impact for CIWA, our businesses and clients. We must continue to reinvent ourselves through new growth of members, new existing member involvement, attendance at our meetings and additional fundraising. We must continue to push our grass roots campaign so that we can continue to penetrate our positions at the state legislature. ”

Source: CIWA

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