Fireman’s Fund Introduces Wildfire Readiness Program

August 29, 2008

Now in the critical months of wildfire season, Novato, Calif.-based Fireman’s Fund is introducing a, comprehensive, prevention-focused program for homeowners. The Wildfire Readiness Program was developed in collaboration with fire departments and wildfire defense companies.

Highlights of the program include:
— Wildfire susceptibility assessment: A Fireman’s Fund risk management advisor evaluates and scores (based on a nationally-recognized method) each area of the home and surrounding property, with areas of concern identified and recommendations made to improve survivability.

— Defensible space/fuels management: Fireman’s Fund has developed partnerships with firms that clear and manage brush and other fuels in an environmentally sensitive way.

— Fire service visits: Representatives of local fire departments may make onsite visits to review firefighting strategies for specific locations.

— Evacuation: Pre-planning saves time and can save property and lives. These services provide evacuation pre-planning assistance. For select accounts, these services can help ensure that family members are safely removed from harm’s way, and can have a prearranged list of valuables removed from a property.

— Safeguarding: Offered with a firm in the firefighting industry, the program provides onsite wildfire service at preferred pricing. Firefighting equipment and crew are stationed onsite until the threat of wildfire has passed. This arrangement is complemented by a pre-event visit and customized consultation.

– Fire-retardant gel application: (California only) For policyholders who hire independent companies that apply fire retardant gel, Fireman’s Fund will pay a portion of the costs incurred for applying a chemical fire retardant during a wildfire event.

Dan Cuccia, Fireman’s Fund wildfire specialist, emphasizes that the two best solutions for saving lives and property during a wildfire event are preparation and prevention. “Our proactive measures play a critical role in reducing the likelihood that a home will burn if threatened by an advancing fire. Every dollar and every minute spent on prevention is invaluable to reduce wildfire risk,” he said.

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