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Lingering Drought and Wildfires Plague Texas, Threatening Water Supplies and Agriculture

Oct 3 2023 // A lingering drought affecting more than 80% of Texas is causing wildfires, hurting agriculture and drying up water supplies throughout the state. This year’s drought comes less than a year after Texas experienced one...

Many US Cities Vulnerable to Low Water Pressure Amid Wildfire Dangers

Oct 2 2023 // Hours before devastating fires scorched the historic town of Lahaina on Maui, Kyle Ellison labored to save his rental house in Kula, a rural mountain town 24 miles away, from a different blaze. As high winds whipped...

Washington Asks Insurers to Expedite Approval Process for Debris Removal After Wildfires

Oct 2 2023 // Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler sent a letter asking insurance companies and adjusters working with communities impacted by the Gray and Oregon Road fires to expedite the approval process for debris...

Residents Prepare to Return to Sites Of Homes Demolished In Lahaina Wildfire

Sep 26 2023 // From just outside the burn zone in Lahaina, Jes Claydon can see the ruins of the rental home where she lived for 13 years and raised three children. Little remains recognizable beyond the jars of sea glass that stood...

Tech Startups in US, France, Germany Help in Fight Against Wildfires

Sep 25 2023 // This year has been a challenging one for Phil Schneider, who hasn’t seen wildfire behavior like this in his 47-year firefighting career. Blazes raged through more than 2,000 acres of wildland in recent months in his...

US Wildfire Fighters Are Hitting a Pay Cliff at the Worst Time

Sep 25 2023 // In Fairbanks, Alaska, the US Forest Service is looking to hire a smokejumper, a person who parachutes out of a rickety airplane to wrangle wildfires that break out far from roads or rivers. Little experience is necessary;...

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