Honolulu Man Convicted in Hawaii’s First Workers’ Comp Theft Case

August 5, 2010

Llorente SIU announced the conviction of an Ewa Beach, Hawaii, man on theft and perjury charges resulting from a suspect workers’ compensation claim. Jacob Belaski, the owner of Teixeira Trucking Inc. misrepresented his medical condition to his workers’ compensation insurance company and to his treating physicians, indicating that his medical condition prevented him from performing his normal work duties, Llorente SIU said.

An investigation conducted by Llorente SIU into Belaski’s activities while on disability revealed that he was operating his commercial trucking business, hauling raw materials from a cement factory, the company said. Records were subpoenaed that revealed that Belaski had earned more than $100,000 in unreported income during the period he was collecting benefits from HEMIC, his workers’ compensation insurance company. At a deposition and while under oath, Belaski testified that he was unable to perform his normal work duties and therefore was not earning any income.

This case was prosecuted by Honolulu Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Scott Bell.

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, Calif., Llorente SIU designs, implements and manages anti-fraud programs for the insurance industry.

Source: Llorente SIU

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