SW Idaho Lawmaker to Pursue Texting Ban

September 24, 2010

  • September 27, 2010 at 8:06 am
    wudchuck says:
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    this even stated by the congressman who plans to get the bill passed! so why are we still fighting the issue! afterall, if we can’t read/write text why can we allow a cop to read his computer messages? how many folks are actually dialing versus texting? although i agree, this should be an issue, but why pass a law that can’t be enforced? there are so many other laws that are passed and easily enforced but we don’t. so why keep making laws!? there is revenue to be had, if the cops would enforce laws. a good example is those that parking in a handicap parking that are not handicap but think it’s ok, because they have a sign! in most states that is a $100 fine! how many folks stop pass the stop bar on a red light? that is considered in the intersection and that is disobeying the light! how many folks speed? i know in VA, they allow you to run up to 64/65 even though it’s 55 in most cities on the interstate. how many laws on the books that are so old and need to be deleted?

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