Report: Utah is Toughest State for Texting Drivers

December 21, 2011

Utah comes out on top of’s list of the 10 toughest states for texting while driving. reviewed laws of the 35 states that ban text messaging for all drivers. The review took into account fines and penalties for texting-while-driving offenders.

In Utah, the fine for texting while driving is as high as $750, the second highest fine in the country. But it’s the rest of the state’s anti-texting law that earns Utah the distinction as the toughest state for texting, according to the report.

If you get into an accident while texting and driving in Utah, you face serious jail time up to 15 years and up to a $10,000 fine. If there’s a fatality, the charge could be a third-degree felony and more jail time and fines.

Here are the nine other states that make the list of the toughest states for texting-while-driving offenders:

2. Illinois.

3. Wisconsin.

4. California.

5. New York.

6. Connecticut.

7. North Dakota.

8. Georgia.

9. Michigan.

10. Oregon. is part of Bankrate Insurance. Other Bankrate Insurance companies include and

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