Hawaii Enacts 4 New Laws To Curb Cybercrimes

July 17, 2012

Four new Hawaii laws are aimed at curbing cybercrimes.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie recently signed bills to combat cyberbullying, to prohibit adults from soliciting minors to electronically transmit nude images of minors and to allow out-of-state records to be subpoenaed in criminal cases.

The cyberbullying law recognizes that using a computer to harass, annoy or alarm a victim justifies an additional penalty for the existing offense of using a computer in the commission of a separate crime.

A “sexting” law creates new offenses for adults who intentionally solicit a minor to electronically transmit nude photos or video of minors. It also prohibits anyone from knowingly possessing a nude image transmitted by a minor.

Prosecutors can now obtain evidence held by mainland corporations, such as cell phone records.

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