Northern California City Evacuations Underway Following Water Pipe Break

November 13, 2012

Evacuations are underway in Daly City after several blocks were flooded and mudslides occurred in the area of the Northern California town, a local news outlets are reporting.

The flooding was caused by a shear break of an 82-year-old water pipe that feeds and discharges to a reservoir, according to a report from an ABC News local affiliate.

“The water department has called it a catastrophic failure. Crews estimate that 45,000 gallons of water were released,” the report states.

The water flow has stopped, but authorities have said they remain concerned the hill may collapse.

“Around 4 o’clock this morning I heard something outside my window and thought it was a storm,” Emanuel Romero, a neighborhood resident, told local news site “The second time I checked the front of the house, that’s when I saw the mud. The entire lawn was covered and there was a stream going down the street.”

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