More Cases May Be Reported in Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak in Pacific Northwest

By Nick Turner | December 4, 2015

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., which is revamping its food-supply standards in the wake of an E. coli outbreak that sickened dozens, said additional cases may be reported as states provide data to federal agencies.

The illnesses, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention linked to Chipotle restaurants, occurred from Oct. 13 to Nov. 7, the company said in a statement on Friday. Though there’s no evidence of anyone getting sick since then, the CDC has indicated that more cases may be found, the Mexican-food chain said.

The company, working with Seattle-based IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group, unveiled a new safety program that includes improving its supply chain and doing DNA testing of produce. Chipotle also is retooling its training to help employees handle food more carefully.

“While it is never possible to completely eliminate all risk, this program eliminates or mitigates risk to a level near zero, and will establish Chipotle as the industry leader in this area,” Mansour Samadpour, head of IEH Laboratories, said in the statement.


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