California Ridesharing Bills Stalled in Committee Where Chair Has Taxi Ties

March 14, 2016

Two California bills to ease regulation of Uber and other ridesharing companies have been bottled up for nearly a year in a committee chaired by a lawmaker whose brothers own a San Diego taxi company.

But state Sen. Ben Hueso denies family ties are the cause.

He told the Los Angeles Times the issue is public health and safety. He’s been critical of ride-hailing services, which don’t have to meet the same safety and business regulations as taxi firms.

Ride Hailing AppsHueso’s brothers own USA Cab, which is suing to require ride-hailing drivers to get commercial license plates.

Hueso says he was unaware of the suit.

Last year, the Assembly passed two bills exempting ride-hailing drivers from needing the plates and allowing them to carpool. Hueso hasn’t scheduled votes on them.


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  • March 14, 2016 at 1:39 pm
    Ileana says:
    "Sen. Ben Hueso denies family ties are the cause." And you believe him? Fell for the ol' Public health and Safety line, eh? He should RECUSE himself.
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