Oregon Man Suing Over ‘Dangerous’ Llama

March 21, 2016

An Oregon man is suing farm owners after he broke his leg in a confrontation with their llama.

The Mail Tribune reported that 33-year-old Justin Stranberg is suing for $332,675, saying the owners of Holleywood Farm failed “to warn of the dangerous propensities of the llama.”

An attorney for the farmers argues the man caused his own injuries and was trespassing.

According to the lawsuit he filed in fall 2015, Stranberg was horseback riding in Medford with his daughter when the llama went under a partial fence and confronted them.

court -- lawsuit, gavel, moneyHe says he slid off the horse to avoid an expected confrontation between the animals, fracturing bones in his lower leg when he landed.

Stranberg did not show up for a hearing on the case last week.

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    Agent says:
    So sad UW. I hope you find peace in your life and will see the error of your ways.
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    UW says:
    Thanks, although this is probably what passes as a joke for you, and happy Easter to you too, but I am not a Christian.
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    Confused says:
    Let's see if we can avoid feeding the troll this time.
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