$352.8M in Damage from July Hailstorm in Colorado

August 24, 2016

The July 28 hailstorm that hit Colorado Springs was the sixth-most damaging event in Colorado history.

The Gazette reported that according to an insurance industry trade group the storm earned $352.8 million in claims for damage to homes and vehicles.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association said the storm resulted in 84,500 auto and homeowner insurance claims filed so far. That includes 51,300 auto insurance claims totaling more than $164.6 million and 33,200 property insurance claims at more than $188.2 million.

Hail stones on the ground after a severe storm.
Hail stones on the ground after a severe storm.

The estimated damage does not include commercial property, including at least $500,000 in damage to the Colorado Springs Airport.

The storm featured tennis ball-sized hail that damaged the Colorado Springs Airport’s runway and skylights at the terminal.


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