82 Homes Impacted by Hawaii Rain and Flooding

March 23, 2021

Three homes were destroyed in heavy rains and flooding last week, the Honolulu Department of Emergency reported.

The department collected data that showed a total of 82 homes in the state were impacted by the severe weather, Hawaii News Now reported Saturday.

Many homes were inundated with water, leaving residents to clean up the mess left by floods and rain.

Among those that reported they were impacted, 35 residents reported major damage to their homes and 44 residents reported minor damage.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency determines major damage as “a home with structural damage or other significant damage that requires extensive repairs and is not safe to live in until repairs are made.” Minor damage is judged by FEMA as “a home with repairable non-structural damage, and people can safely live in the home while repairs are made.”

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