XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. Delivers State-of-the-Art Business Continuity Operations and Disaster Recovery

Sponsored Content February 25, 2004

XDimensional Technologies Inc., the provider of Nexsure™, a hosted insurance agency management solution, announced today it has completed a revision and enhancement of its business continuity systems and now offers its customers uninterrupted business operations in case of a disaster.

Craig Fuher, CEO of XDimensional stated “In our continuous pursuit of providing our customers the highest levels of service, including data security and protection, redundancy, and uptime, we have now raised the bars to provide virtually instant geographic failover. Our customers can have complete piece of mind, knowing that their data is protected and available for use, in case the unthinkable happens.”

XDimensional Technologies, which owns and operates an enterprise class Data Center in Brea, CA (providing exceptionally high service levels for reliability, availability, and scalability), also provides a mirrored (co-located) site in Phoenix, AZ., whereby all transactions and data are replicated virtually instantaneously. XDimensional Technologies uses VERITAS software for data replication, disaster and site monitoring, and automated and human responses.

Mike Dunn, Manager of Technical Infrastructure stated that “the VERITAS solution provided us with the specific functionality we needed, and was ideally suited for our data center. XDimensional has gone through rigorous testing and disaster simulations validating the system operations and fail over. The end result is a system we are extremely proud of.”

While the technical merits of this solution are impressive, for insurance agents that rely on their data day in and day out, it’s nice to know that with XDimensional Technologies, they can continue to conduct business virtually uninterrupted, with just an internet connection. Agents with locally installed software, or without the benefit of extensive disaster plans, systems, and operational procedures in place, may find themselves in a bind during a disaster period, or even during routine outages. Agents using Nexsure, hosted from XDimensional Technologies data center, avoids these problems.

About XDimensional Technologies, Inc.

XDimensional® Technologies, Inc. (www.xdimensional.com) based in Brea, CA., develops and markets Nexsure™, a hosted insurance agency management solution that connects agents, carriers, brokers, and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management. Nexsure offers robust contact management, sales force automation, advanced work flow, standard (property and casualty, life and health, benefits) and custom lines of business, policy life cycle management, CRM, and multi-office accounting and reporting. Nexsure is a scalable, web-based, Microsoft .NET application with built in web services, data processing, and transactional capabilities. Nexsure provides unmatched ease of use, scalability, and information availability to help insurance agencies achieve their business goals. XDimensional Corporate Headquarters are located at 145 S. State College Blvd, Suite 160, Brea, CA. 92821, tel: (714) 672-8960, fax: (714) 672-8908

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