Videofied Rebuilds Alarm/Police/Insurance Partnership With 70% Arrest Rates

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Minneapolis, MN, 02/21/12 – The NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) and the National Sheriffs Assn. describe how Priority Response delivers value to insurers in a 6 minute webcast in Insurance Journal complete with actual video clips of intrusions and arrests:

Keith Jentoft, the coordinator of the Priority Response Alarm Coalition and president of RSI Video Technology states, “We are currently working with many insurance companies to review their alarm discounts to encourage real loss control and claims reduction. The Videofied alarm system used in Detroit cost 1/30th the price of CCTV surveillance and was more effective in preventing loss.” Police Chief Magazine described in a recent case study how Detroit used video alarms and Priority Response to achieve a 70% arrest rate protecting difficult vacant school buildings, saving insurers millions of dollars in claims from vandalism and copper theft. The inexpensive Videofied alarm system delivered video clips of the burglar to the monitoring station for instant verification and dispatch – and police made arrests. Arrest rates for burglaries in large cities are very low; under 6% in Dallas and just over 7% for Minneapolis for 2011.

Videofied alarms and Priority Response are a welcome solution to overworked police officers looking to fight growing property crime. False alarm rates of over 98% and declining police resources mean that traditional alarms no longer deliver the value because officers no longer care. Many police departments like San Jose, Salt Lake City, Detroit and Las Vegas do not respond to traditional burglar alarms at all. In contrast, Videofied burglar alarms that verify a crime-in-progress are dispatched for immediate response and the results are changing loss control. Police Departments are implementing Priority Response dispatch policies for video verified alarms – and this is making a difference as they catch the crook in the act and reduce insurance claims.

Loss control with a badge is effective. For an insurer, a single arrest can prevent up to 50 additional burglaries and eliminate the direct losses as well as the indirect costs of processing 50 additional claims. Discounts for traditional alarms are being eliminated because police no longer respond. Insurers are redirecting policy discounts to reflect this. Underwriters are promoting “loss control with a badge” by redirecting alarm discounts to Videofied alarms – because they work and reduce claims.

About Videofied:

Videofied is a cordless video intrusion alarm using wireless MotionViewers that detect intruders and send a short video clip of the crime to a monitoring station for immediate review and dispatch. Indoor and outdoor systems secure property from residential dwellings to critical infrastructure. Videofied is the only alarm system to be endorsed by a national law enforcement organization. For more information, visit


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