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Seattle, WA, June 15, 2016- Seabend Inc, a full service final expense agency disrupting the industry is changing the way people shop for and are sold, Funeral Insurance. Seabend owns www.burialinsurance.org and is helping thousands of consumers each month become educated around and ultimately purchase a Funeral Insurance policy online. They launched in April of this year and are gaining traction rapidly.

David French, President of Seabend Inc had this to say about the untraditional way his agency services the Final Expense Market. “In the insurance world, you have these final expense agents who are so ingrained in the old ways of selling Burial Insurance that they fail to see where the future is, online. Most of the tactics employed by these agents are boarder line unethical. They show up at dinner time, uninvited, and con the senior market into purchasing a policy, if I’m being honest it’s disgusting some of the sales tactics that are taught. We felt that our market deserves so much better and that better process starts with our website. The beauty is, we work with cutting edge insurance providers which allows our Agents to get our consumers a policy without having to show up at their house unannounced. Our customers are buying policies and coverage with a simple 30 minute phone call. No more pushy agents or scummy sales tactics. We educate our audience and when they are ready to purchase they can do so in their pajamas if they want.”

The Burial Insurance market is growing like crazy, with $400 million dollars in premiums written in 2014, the industry is ripe for disruption and Seabend Inc is positioned well to be a force in the online game. “A recent study done by Google showed that more baby boomers (our target market) are spending more time online than any other medium. Why wouldn’t people try to position themselves online? It’s a mystery to me why so many agents still rely on direct mail to market to consumers. To me it’s a complete lack of vision and business sense if you are not attacking the online market with everything you have. We do ZERO marketing outside of our website and will become the leading online resource to research and purchase a final expense policy.” Said David French.

With the launch of burialinsurance.org the senior market now has the ability to research, and receive a policy from the comfort of their home. Seabend is helping people every day get the coverage they need to ensure that their loved ones are protected.

About Seabend:
Seabend is currently licensed in about 35 states with plans to expand nationwide by the end of this year. They are located in Seattle, Washington and have assisted thousands with burial insurance policies and can be found at www.burialinsurance.org.

Media Contact:
David French

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