LifeSaver and The Cincinnati Insurance Company Join Forces to Fight Fleet Distracted Driving

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Cincinnati Insurance Promotes LifeSaver as a Loss Control Option to its Commercial Policyholders.

San Jose, CA, September 12, 2017– LifeSaver and Cincinnati Insurance have joined forces to fight phone-related distracted driving. Cincinnati Insurance’s commercial policyholders can now enforce their cell phone driving policies by using LifeSaver’s fleet solution to measure and reduce cell phone distracted driving by its employees.

Recent statistics about distracted driving are alarming. Conservative estimates show that phone-related distracted driving causes one in four car crashes. Yet a recent survey of insurance agents found that distracted driving was responsible for more than 25 percent of collisions on U.S. roadways. However you slice and interpret this data, the underlying reality is that drivers distracted by their phones are a growing threat to our collective safety. Left unchecked, distracted driving could quickly become the greatest road-safety threat of all time.

“Despite the rising costs of commercial auto insurance, businesses now have a clear path to reducing at-fault collisions and managing their insurance costs,” said Ted Chen, LifeSaver’s co-founder. “We applaud Cincinnati Insurance for taking a lead role in stemming the tide of the distracted driving epidemic. The LifeSaver solution enables Cincinnati policyholders to reduce risk with tools that encourage their employees practice safe driving when they’re on the job.”

Commercial policyholders face an increased risk, given the disproportionate number of miles and hours that their fleet drivers are on the road. Cincinnati Insurance is taking a proactive step to lower this risk by offering an innovative corporate/fleet safety option like LifeSaver to these policyholders at an affordable price.

“Through this program, we can provide a simple, cost-effective way for our commercial customers to address distracted driving, potentially reducing auto claims and, most importantly, saving lives. LifeSaver’s software-only approach is an innovative way to support our policyholders’ efforts to reduce risk and manage insurance costs,” commented Steve Spray, Cincinnati Insurance’s senior vice president of Commercial Insurance.

Cincinnati Insurance policyholders can learn more about this program by contacting their local independent agent or by simply visiting

About LifeSaver
LifeSaver is a mobile software solution that provides individuals, governments and businesses with the tools they need to measure and reduce cell phone-related distracted driving, an epidemic responsible for more than 25 percent of U.S. auto collisions each year. LifeSaver’s data-driven solution has been validated by millions of miles of driving.

LifeSaver’s mobile app discourages drivers from using their mobile phones while driving. The app also captures telematics data which includes attempted phone usage while driving and scores drivers based on their level of distracted driving behavior, which the individual or business owner can view through LifeSaver’s Driver Portal and use to improve driver behavior. Most importantly, the LifeSaver solution is a tool for individuals, governments and businesses to reinforce the importance of distraction-free driving. LifeSaver is privately held and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, visit

About Cincinnati Financial
Cincinnati Financial Corporation offers business, home and auto insurance, our main business, through The Cincinnati Insurance Company and its two standard market property casualty companies. The same local independent insurance agencies that market those policies may offer products of our other subsidiaries, including life and disability income insurance, fixed annuities and surplus lines property and casualty insurance. For additional information about the company and product availability, please visit

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    Texting is not just a "teen" problem. There are millions of employees who seek to do work while behind the wheel. Fleet vehicles/company cars are on the road more than teen dr... read more
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