$1.99 Cannabis Training Courses for Insurance Professionals

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MyCEcourse Launches New Express Training Courses for An Evolving Cannabis Industry

Rancho Cordova, CA August 8, 2018 – MyCEcourse announces a new way to provide insurance brokers looking to enter and service the cannabis industry with online courses they can use. With the launch of Express Courses, each video will feature an exclusive inside look that will expose the true risks within the Cannabis and Hemp industry. With courses starting at $1.99 each, myCEcourse.com is offering an exclusive On-Demand training platform where all professionals and business owners can afford to learn. Since these new training courses are available On-Demand, they can be accessed anytime on any computer or hand-held device at myCEcourse.com.

Chris Walters, COO of Cover Cannabis Insurance Services said, “I was able to watch several courses and get the knowledge I was seeking while flying home.”

As medicinal and recreational cannabis businesses become a more viable part of state economics, policies have been put in place to protect both the consumer and the cannabis entrepreneur. Because the legalization of Cannabis and Hemp have seen a sudden explosion in recent years, the Insurance industry has had to play catch-up regarding these regulations. MyCEcourse.com helps Insurance professionals and business owners understand the modern cannabis industry.

Michael Aberle, 15-year veteran of the Insurance and Cannabis Industry, is the creator of the new Express Courses. He’s currently the Senior Vice President for CannGen Insurance and the Chair of the California Cannabis Industry Association’s Insurance Sub-Committee. Aberle brings his extensive knowledge of Commercial Insurance Underwriting, Cannabis Program and Employment Risk Management to these new Express Courses.

“The goal of the Express Courses is efficiency, accuracy and affordability,” according to Aberle. “I wanted to provide Insurance, legal and cannabis professionals with relevant knowledge and education without a huge time and financial commitment.”

These courses are great tools for Insurance professionals from the retail broker to the reinsurer and everyone in between, who is seeking Property & Casualty, Cyber and Employment Risk Management training. MyCEcourse.com allows the user to focus their study and gain the knowledge they need quicker. Express Courses will zero in on certain topics to give the user answers to specific questions concerning cannabis policies and industry standard procedures.

To take advantage of these new Express Courses, go to myCEcourse.com.

Boiler plate: MyCEcourse.com is a product of MindMeld Studios of Rancho Cordova, CA, which produces documentary-style films for continuing education for professionals. These courses consist of insurance, human resources, employment law, and specialty industries. The studio is currently in production on a new season of educational documentaries and will be releasing a series of cannabis-related programming for Fall 2018.

Do you have an idea for a course? Contact myCEcourse.com for more information at service@mycecourse.com

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