iGUARANTEE™ Launches New Bail Bonds Software Platform

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Burlington, NC, July 15, 2020 – Built on the backbone of 20 years combined programming experience, 13 years of Surety Bonding knowledge, 30 years of Sales and Marketing expertise, and more than 15 years of UX / UI design, iGUARANTEE™, a new insurtech startup out of North Carolina, has entered the Bail Bond Software Industry with a ROAR by landing one of the largest bail bond producers in America, Palmetto Surety.

iGUARANTEE™ is a new, powerful, and easy to use Enterprise Level Cloud-Based bail bonds software PaaS. It solves a myriad of today’s industry challenges for Carriers, MGAs, Agencies, and Agents alike. iGUARANTEE™ digitally issues and tracks paper powers offering full life cycle tracking and auditing. A fully online application process includes eSign capabilities (in person or remote), as well as system-generated Bail Bond Document sets that are signed, sealed, and ready to deliver with a single click.

iGUARANTEE™ additionally offers an extensive defendant background checker, At-a-Glance account-based Dashboards that analyze risk exposure, sales, and growth spots, extensive reporting capabilities, and an extremely user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. It enables Agents and Agencies to effortlessly share applications, quickly track appearances, update payments, post forfeitures, voids, or exonerations all from a single straightforward bail bond detail page.

iGUARANTEE™ significantly improves the efficiency and the productivity of Carriers, MGAs, Agencies, and Agents by digitizing, streamlining, and simplifying the work, documentation, and accountability flow, providing full visibility of all powers, bonds, and payments allowing each entity to analyze risk better and increase revenue by writing more bonds with fewer forfeitures.

Founded in 2019, iGUARANTEE™ is a privately held company that provides a cloud-based bail bond software platform. iGUARANTEE™ allows Carriers to issue electronic powers instantly, track traditional powers, and assign either to MGAs or agents in real-time. This process empowers Carriers, MGAs, and Agencies with the ability to create and immediately issue new signed and sealed bail bonds in minutes via the online platform.

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