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2023 Best Insurance Agencies to Work For

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Each year Insurance Journal surveys the property casualty industry for the Best Independent Insurance Agencies to Work For.

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Overall Winner

Mackoul Risk Insurance Solutions
Long Beach, NY

I am proud of all the awards we received but my favorite awards are the ones where employees nominate us. This really shows what kind of culture we have.

Edward Mackoul CEO

Employee Perspectives

Quotes from employee nominations

No agency I have ever worked for has had the leadership Mackoul does

I am not a number here; I am a valued asset, and I am reminded of that daily.

I truly have never felt so appreciated at a job before. Your work is recognized, you feel empowered to do your best and people are always willing to jump in to help. The culture of this agency is truly one of a family.

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Gold Winner

National Church Group Insurance Agency
Leesburg, VA

We started just selling insurance to churches one-by-one. I say 'we,' it was me by myself. I eventually had enough money to hire somebody to answer the phone, and that became 'we.' And it grew from there.

Greg Wigfield President and Founder

Employee Perspectives

Quotes from employee nominations

It is like a family here. Everyone cares about everyone, and the owners are generous and thoughtful. It is (a) blessing to work for and with such wonderful, kindhearted and intelligent people.

I'm the envy of my friends and family because they see how great it is here.

Our owners are quality folks and always put the best interests of the employees at heart.

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Silver Winner

Levitt Fuirst Associates Ltd.

Tarrytown, NY
Bronze Winner

Deland, Gibson Insurance

Wellesley Hills, MA


Gold Winner

The Bulow Group
Tinley Park, IL

We believe in paying our people and paying them well, but all of the other things that come along with that are just as much if not more important: work-life balance, education, helping them better themselves in their career, advancing themselves. And that's just always been our model. And we try to prepare every team member to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Mike Bulow Founder and CEO

Employee Perspectives

Quotes from employee nominations

People are not running at 110%, they're running maybe at 80 or 90 (%) and enjoying it

Not only are they willing to talk the talk but walk the walk. They will get in the trenches with us and provide help immediately on things we need help with. There are numerous resources they have built to educate us and keep educating us to encourage learning every day.

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Silver Winner

Powers Insurance & Risk Management

St. Louis, MO
Bronze Winner

Greater Insurance Services

Madison, WI

South Central

Gold Winner

G&G Independent Insurance
Fayetteville, AR

We firmly believe that fostering positive experiences within our team ripples out to benefit our clients and partners, resulting in their own enhanced experiences.

Jordan Greer Co-founder and CEO

Employee Perspectives

Quotes from employee nominations

Management is always asking for input on how we can improve individually and as a company

They offer a transparent way to understand how my contributions align with the company's goals and how I'm rewarded for my efforts.

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Silver Winner


Dallas, TX
Bronze Winner


Fort Worth, TX


Gold Winner

Stuart, FL

Your team is everything. Our customers will not receive the education and assistance they've come to expect from us without our team. We take care of our team first.

Lee Wiglesworth President

Employee Perspectives

Quotes from employee nominations

Agents are provided an opportunity to earn large six-figure salaries while working from home and are provided base salaries to build a career from the start, without the month-to-month worry about commissions.

What I like about our agency is that they're always looking to improve or better themselves in whatever way is needed; no one's perfect and seeing the agency always strive to be better makes me proud.

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Silver Winner

Ellis Insurance Agency

Charleston, WV
Bronze Winner

Energy Insurance Agency

Lexington, KY


Gold Winner

Beehive Insurance Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

We've made a lot of strides in the last few years to really give employees the opportunity to have input. I think our culture is one where people are pretty open with each other and comfortable with each other, and they're willing to help each other out.

Adam Snow Vice President

Employee Perspectives

Quotes from employee nominations

Beehive is such a fantastic place to work, from the people who are fantastic to the management and the employee benefits.

There is a constant attitude of improvement here from the executives who really are constantly making efforts to make it an even better place to be.

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Silver Winner

The Mahoney Group

Mesa, AZ
Bronze Winner

Crest Insurance Group

Tucson, AZ