How Should Insurance Agencies use Twitter?

By | June 26, 2013

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Twitter is a social media platform that all insurance agencies should be using in this day and age. Why? Because it is free to use, basic, its reach is expansive, and you can get your message across concisely and clearly. Who wouldn’t take advantage of such a system? In addition, incorporating this tool into your insurance marketing strategy can help you connect with your customers and online community on a much deeper level!

After grasping the basics of Twitter, you should define your goals. Perhaps they are to reach out to a certain number of followers/customers, or to provide them with a sense of security, trust, and community. In order to accomplish these goals, you can use some different methods:

  • When retweeting a message from a follower, make sure it is quality content.
  • Be sure that the message you are creating for your audience is interesting, useful, significant, and inspires them to take action.
  • Do not overload your audience with messages. Sending out 3-5 messages a day is plenty!
  • Use #hashtags sparingly and only on words that are significant to the insurance industry or social media world.
  • Share links to your updated blogs to maintain a blended strategy.
  • Follow people with the same interests and engage in conversations with them.
  • Add fun facts about yourself and agency to your bio so followers can feel connected to you.
  • You don’t always have to tweet about insurance! Make your content fun and creative with recipes, quotes, and news updates.
  • No matter what, always keep your tweets positive. No one wants to read a negative feed!
  • Upload pictures of not only your logo, but of yourself and insurance team to humanize your account.

Twitter is all about sharing information and knowledge. Therefore, you must be a credible source for your audience. Following accounts other than clients, such as local newspapers or major ones, can keep you up to date on what is going on in the community. In addition, following other insurance agencies can help you build potential relationships inside the industry and share useful information. Finally, creating a stronger presence on Twitter will help your agency create a stronger online presence. Remember to always keep it positive!

Since Twitter and all social media takes place in real-time, your customer service depends on your constant activity online in order to gain trust. Offering this kind of service online is something your agency must adapt to in order to succeed. Establish a voice for your insurance agency to influence the lives of your customers. Also, have your team commit to the marketing strategy now and in the future. Following all of these steps can help you become a reliable source of knowledge and services in the insurance industry on Twitter!

About the Author: Adam DeGraide is the Founder and CEO of Astonish. As an Internet marketing veteran and sales guru, DeGraide has spent the past 15 years creating “The Greatest Business Growth System in the World.” His company, Astonish, offers a complete business growth system built specifically for the insurance industry that focuses on three core offerings: marketing, technology, and training. Hundreds of agencies across the country are leveraging the Astonish system to increase their revenue. Learn more at

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