Attention Agencies: Swing Your Attention on Over to Vine

By | July 1, 2013

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Aaaaaah! Nope, that is not the call of Tarzan that you hear. That is the sound of excitement coming from myself and insurance agents across the country! Vine is officially on our radar and NOW is the time to be utilizing it—hot off the press!

What is Vine?

Vine is one of the latest social apps. It is a mobile app that is owned by Twitter, allowing users to capture and share short, looping videos. Videos are around six seconds or less in length—meaning it is time for agencies to get creative with this! It made its debut for iPhone users and is slowly unleashing its power to the rest of phone users. In fact, on June 3, 2013, it was released for devices with Android version 4.0 or higher.

How Popular is Vine?

Vine was introduced by Twitter in January of 2013, and according to Tech Crunch, Vine has grown its users by 50% in one month alone. This social app is ready to take off and I want YOUR AGENCY to be ahead of the curve!

Why Should an Insurance Agency Use Vine?

Similar to Twitter, Vine is a great way to engage with clients and potential clients. You can use Hashtags, such as #insurance, in order to reach a larger audience, as well. You can also “follow,” “like,” and “comment,” on other users’ videos.

Since Vine was released by Twitter, it is also possible to connect both your Twitter AND Facebook accounts to the Vine app. This makes for an easy way to share your videos across all social networks. Essentially, Vine is just another unique way to reach out to your fans, follower, and clientele! It is NEW, it is FUN and it is IMPORTANT for your agency to take advantage of!

What Should Insurance Agents be Posting on Vine?

Insurance agents may be looking at one another, scratching their heads and thinking “But, what on EARTH should we be posting on Vine? What business does an INSURANCE agency have being on Vine?” That’s a GREAT question and I have a few GREAT answers for you!

Vine is an AWESOME way to showcase your agency’s personality. Whether you keep Vine videos “in house” only or decide to pull in a few of your all-star clients, you can make short, sweet, and professional videos that will promote your agency’s culture and attitude. Here are a few ideas to kick things off:

#1: Inside Look of the Office. Humanize your agency! Fans and followers may see your website, Facebook, and Twitter, but do they ever see the REAL agents of the office? Whether you are celebrating an employee birthday party or the office is in a particularly cheery mood, show it! It will not only showcase your agency’s atmosphere, but will show that employees are happy to be where they are. This will never hurt your agency’s image! A friendly and warm group of agents makes for an inviting agency.

#2: Celebrate in Seconds. Did you sell or renew a policy? Celebrate in six seconds! Show off your agency’s excitement and if the client allows you to, give some recognition.

#3: Keep Clients Involved. For those clients with a sense of humor, including them in your Vine posts may be a great way to BOOST their enthusiasm and KEEP their business. This may actually make the insurance-buying process much more interesting—not to mention FUN! Just remember to ALWAYS ask for permission if you want to take a short video of a client.

#4: Answer a Quick Question.Can an agent answer a question in 6-seconds of less? Give it a shot! Be sure to write the question in the area for the caption.

#5: Promote New Offerings. Whether you have updated a policy offering or are promoting discounts, Vine is a great way to do this. You can even Vine important bullet points and a contact number.

Use Vine for Agency Success

Are you ready to use Vine to demonstrate what makes your agency stand apart from the rest? Take advantage of this popular phone app and showcase EXACTLY who your agency is and what it can do for its clients. Vine is here to stay—hang on tight!

About the Author: Adam DeGraide is the Founder and CEO of Astonish. As an Internet marketing veteran and sales guru, DeGraide has spent the past 15 years creating “The Greatest Business Growth System in the World.” His company, Astonish, offers a complete business growth system built specifically for the insurance industry that focuses on three core offerings: marketing, technology, and training. Hundreds of agencies across the country are leveraging the Astonish system to increase their revenue. Learn more at

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