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What’s the most important thing today?

By Patrick Wraight | April 10, 2019

I use the Academy Journal blog for a lot of different things. Sometimes, it’s technical, and quotes policy language. Other times, it’s more philosophical in nature and gets to what I think about things.

Today’s post is going to be really short.

I’m out of the office today and if you must know it’s because someone I love needs my attention today more than work does.

Since I didn’t get this written on Monday, like I usually do, and I didn’t get to it during the day on Tuesday (because I got working on other things and forgot about it) it’s getting done a little late on Tuesday so it can be published Wednesday, which is when it normally goes live. And I’m not going to be here so I can’t just do it early Wednesday.

Make sense? I know it’s all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey and has something to do with scheduling posts or something.

Why am I writing? Maybe we needed to be reminded that sometimes, there are things that are more important than the stuff sitting on our desks. I have a pile of things that I need to do tomorrow, but I have something else that’s a bigger deal to me.

Besides, it’ll be there tomorrow.

And so will I.

Talk with you then.

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