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What Kind of Work are We Doing?

By | February 7, 2022

A job is the work we do when we need to have work. Maybe there’s nothing else available. Maybe there’s nothing else that we’re qualified for. Often job describes that first position we held way back in the day. We were so proud of that first job, but eventually, it became just that; a job.

A career is the work we do when we stay in a field long enough. It’s that work history that sometimes takes place with one employer and sometimes takes a predictable path. It is about following the pre-set path until reaching the pinnacle, whether that is a position or a place. Many people have careers and careers are good things.

If I had to recommend one over the other, I’d recommend that you build a career. Build it with one company if you want. Build it with multiple career fields if you want. The days when people expect people to start in the mailroom, stay with a company for 35 years, work their way up into senior management, and retire with a gold watch and a party are just about over.

A calling is something else. A calling is discerning what about your jobs and career have filled you with the most fulfillment and joy and leaning into those things. A calling is built not just by what you can do well, but by what fits you the best.

A job is good to have, and I recommend it.

A career is good to have, and I also recommend that.

A calling is something special and you should discover your calling and go after that as quickly as possible.

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