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By | Burand's Agency E&O Blog | September 18, 2013

The Value of a Name. Applications are called applications and quote sheets are called quote sheets for good reasons. A quote sheet is only supposed to be for quoting and even then, it is a conditional quote. It is conditional depending on whether the insured completes the application per the data provided for the quote and it depends on whether any other information, positive or negative, develops such as a poor CLUE report or a poor MVR. Furthermore, a quote sheet is a document involving the prospective insured and the agency.

An application is a document between the prospective insured and the insurance company. This is a critical difference. Additionally, while a quote is informal, an application is a formal document. The legal wording at the bottom of applications likely has material meaning. In particular, the insured is warranting the information provided is true and accurate. No such warranty is part of a quote. This means that it is imperative the insured complete the application on their own and sign it. If the agent completes the application, then whose responsibility is it for mistakes? What happens when the agent makes mistakes and the insured does not even sign the application? Heaven forbid someone at the agency signs the application for the insured.

The best practice is to always have the insured complete a formal application and sign it.

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