The Lowdown: The Long & Short of Marine Employers Liability Coverage

May 29, 2018

Need to brush up on marine employers liability coverage? Our sponsor, Worldwide Facilities, has prepared a paper on the ins and outs of marine coverage. This paper explains the differences between Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, the Jones Act, and Marine Employers Liability. It also covers some other marine laws that can create significant exposures for your insured and describes the potential for coverage gaps.

This paper has multiple uses, from educating agents internally, to sharing with potential clients as a guide to determining proper coverage. The information is spelled out directly as follows:

Page 4: Defines the difference between workers who work on or near the water and ‘seaman’ as one is covered by the Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act and the other by the Jones Act

Page 5-6: The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act is described with emphasis on these two important terms “status” and “situs.”

Page 7: The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) is defined, which covers employees working on fixed offshore drilling platforms and other production platforms. This section discusses the complexity of this coverage and the gaps that must be addressed.

Page 8. Marine Employers Liability Coverage is defined, including a discussion of admiralty law.

Page 9-11: Jones Act – a critical conclusion, to insure you’re protecting your client.

For the full details, head over to Research & Trends for the whitepaper, The Marine Coverage Bermuda Triangle. While you’re brushing up, you may also appreciate the insights provided by Take1 in their new paper addressing liability and live events. In this brief, Risky Business – Insuring Live Events Take1 reviews the layers of risk involved in planning and implementing live events, such as concerts in light of recent violent acts.

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