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By | February 10, 2003

We have added two small, but what we think are important features to this issue: Resources and our Report Card.

Resources will be contact information for the people and companies mentioned in our articles. This will allow our readers to quickly and easily get more information about the subject of the article or contact the people mentioned in the article.

The Report Card is just like the ones we used to get in school. We want you to grade our performance for each issue. We need to get feedback from you, our readers, on how we’re doing. It’s a short form that just takes a second to complete and we ask you to fax it (619-584-1200) back to us so we can see how we scored with this issue. Each section of the magazine and each article have a grading scale from A to F. Simply circle the grade you want to give us for each article and section. If you think our cover deserves an F, just circle the F on the Report Card.

We believe the Insurance Journal is the best source of infor-mation and solutions for independent agents available anywhere. This is your chance to tell us if we are ‘dreaming’ or getting close to our goal. You get to rate our performance for this issue, so tell us what you really think.

We have a thick skin so don’t worry about offending us.

At Insurance Journal Online, we have been broadcasting audio interviews with key industry figures for some time now. Currently, we have an interview with Richard Bouhan, executive director of the National Association of Professional Surplus Line Offices. Bouhan discusses the ramifications of the new Federal Terrorism Insurance Act. Don’t miss it. The audio interview is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of London American General Agency. We thank Ed and Mark Maucere for the interview. They can be reached at (858) 547-9000.

We’re making plans for future interviews right now. Let us know whom you want us to interview. Send me an e-mail at or call me at (800) 897-9965, extension 114.

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