Pandemic Changes

By | July 20, 2020

The coronavirus experience has changed how most people view life and work. The biggest change is that many insurance industry pros have learned that they can do their job from home, and most, but not all, seem to enjoy that.

More than a thousand participants in Wells Media’s Property/Casualty Insurance Industry Coronavirus Survey told us how the pandemic has changed their view on their insurance career. Many have gained a greater appreciation for their job, their employer and their own ability to adapt. The words they use include grateful, thankful, like, love, lucky, glad, appreciative, happy and similar positive expressions. For others, the pandemic response has revealed shortcomings of their companies and, for a surprising number, it has prompted them to think about retiring. Here’s what 20 respondents had to say.

  1. Proud to work for a company with such a flexible culture, wise leadership.
  2. I love my job. Perhaps it has made me like my job more.
  3. Reminded me how responsible I am as the CEO of our company for the lives and economic well-being of our employees and their families.
  4. I realize I can do my job remotely with little problem and remain in contact with my team as if we were in the office together.
  5. I want to change jobs.
  6. It’s more important for me and my clients.
  7. Very blessed to work for a solid carrier.
  8. Makes me question my overall sense of purpose and relevance. How meaningful is what I do? Very disorienting time.
  9. I am glad I have an essential job that allows me to work from home. I am fortunate that if I do not feel safe at the office and the office re-opens, I am at a stage in my life that I can choose to retire early and not return to the office if my employer will not permit me to continue to work from home.
  10. Recession proof yes; pandemic proof maybe not.
  11. The crisis made me love the travel and connection parts of my job.
  12. I realized that while I can technically do my job from anywhere in the world and the quality would be good, our best work is done when we’re together working as a team just steps away from each other.
  13. I am thankful to work and get paid, but am feeling less valued as a leader.
  14. Retirement is starting to seem logical.
  15. Greater urgency to create positive change.
  16. I wish my company had stepped up & invested more in technology. My job itself has been very overwhelming with extra work from clients.
  17. More important than ever.
  18. More grateful.
  19. The crisis has led me towards seeking a small independent business in addition to regular employment as a financial cushion.
  20. Perspective of my job is just a job, life and health are more important. Do my best but not stress over things.

The exclusive survey captured responses from 1,704 individuals across the insurance industry.

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