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October 3, 2011

“Insurance is Not Risk Management! The Insurance Professional’s Guide to Risk Management and Insurance.” Is “risk” the enemy or is it necessary? What is risk management? How does insurance fit into the concept of risk management? This book defines risk, discusses the theory of risk management, details the risk management process, and delves into insurance and its rightful place within risk management. Included in this book are discussions of insurance regulation, the unique contractual aspects of the insurance policy, negligence and legal liability theories, and the premium audit process and rules. The capstone chapter is the last; it provides the reader with the guidelines necessary to read and understand ANY insurance policy. All experience levels will benefit from the concepts discussed in this book. “Insurance is Not Risk Management!” was written to allow the reader to “skip over” three to five years of “accidental” learning and speed up his or her career. In fact, even those not in the insurance industry will find this book useful — especially if their job involves managing risk — and everyone’s does. The book is available from Lulu in either a hardcopy or by down load. You can access and order the book at:

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October 3, 2011
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