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March 21, 2011

Behavioral Health Care
Market Detail: Negley Associates is underwriting manager for A+XV Rated carrier. Coverages include workers’ comp, professional and general liability, directors and officers (including EPLI), excess liability, and property for alcohol/drug rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, group homes, sheltered workshops, and related organizations. Negley is also an underwriting manager for the Mental Health Risk Retention Group.
Available limits: Maximum $5 million.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted and non-admitted available.
States: All.
Contact: Bernice Holloway at 973-830-8500 or e-mail:

PEO Workers’ Comp
Market Detail: IPA Risk Management offers multiple PEO markets for all companies. Can include HR, payroll, EPLI, employee benefits plans, handbooks, state filings, all on top of workers comp. All transportation risks, construction, manufacturing, warehousing, staffing, sand and gravel, concrete, multi state, new ventures. There are no deposits and no audits.
Available limits: As needed.
Carrier: Various admitted carriers available.
States: All.
Contact: Chase Heitmann at 201-797-1261 or e-mail

Ambulances and Transfer Vehicles
Market Detail: Myron Steves insures privately owned transfer ambulances, hospital emergency ambulances, medical transportation, vehicles owned by nursing homes, hospitals or senior citizen centers, wheelchair lift vans. All lines of insurance are available for these risks including: property, general liability, professional liability, workers’ comp, etc. The transportation department has markets for other classes of business including, but not limited to: contractors, truckers, waste haulers, ready-mix, school buses, public livery and more.
Available limits: As needed.
Carrier: Various, admitted and non-admitted available.
States: All states except Alaska, Hawaii, Maine N.D., Neb., N.Y., and Wash., Wyo.
Contact: Angie Bairrington at 713-351-8297or e-mail:

Medical Marijuana Governmental Actions
Market Detail: MMD Insurance offers coverage for legal defense costs from arrest or charges brought against the insured by a Governmental Authority arising from the possession, transportation, cultivation or distribution of medical marijuana or marijuana derivatives and for which the insured pleads not guilty and believes they have a legal right to do so under state and local guidelines.
Available limits: Minimum $500, maximum $500.
Carrier: MMD Insurance.
States: Alaska, Ariz., Calif., Colo., D.C., Hawaii, Maine, Mont., N.J., N.M., Ore., R.I., Vt., Wash., and Wis.
Contact: Michael Aberle at or 916-503-4808 e-mail:

Home Medical Equipment Dealers
Market Detail: Davidson-Babcock provides professional liability, products and CGL for HME dealers selling, renting and servicing home medical equipment. Also offering professional, products and CGL for the following classes: orthotics/prosthetics distributors and manufacturers, home health care/temporary staffing agencies, and outpatient therapy (physical/occupational/speech, mental health).
Available limits: Minimum $300,000, maximum $3 million.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, non-admitted.
States: All.
Contact: Cheryl Bishop Program at 888-329-0003 or e-mail:

Real Estate Professional
Market Detail: Gateway Underwriters Agency underwrites risks from health care to contractors. It has binding authority and brokerage agreements to write a wide variety of risks. Some of the target classes include: ambulance malpractice, in-home health care, community association D&O, miscellaneous professional, consultants, public entity, contractors (general contractors and artisans), property managers, D&O (non-profit & for-profit), public officials liability, employment practices liability, real estate agents, appraisers and managers, general liability and products liability, social service, homeowner associations, special events, and technology professional liability.
Available limits: As needed.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted and non-admitted available.
States: All.
Contact: Christine Remming at 314-238-0070 or e-mail:

Valet Parking Companies
Market Detail: J.L. von Arx & Associates provides the following coverage for valet parking companies: uninsured motorists, garage liability, medical payments, garage keepers legal liability.
Available limits: As needed.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, non-admitted and admitted.
States: Ariz. and Calif.
Contact: Joyce Chambers at 800-818-1093 or e-mail:

Commercial Auto, Trucks
Market Detail: Century National Insurance Co. offers coverage for commercial autos, trucks, all unusual vehicles and most other types and businesses.
Available limits: Minimum $50,000, maximum $1 million.
Carrier: Century-National Ins. Co.
States: Ariz., Calif., Ill., and Nev.
Contact: Wendell Langman at 800-733-0880, ext. 2187 or e-mail:

Homeowners – HO3
Market Detail: National Insurance Underwriters (NIU) can cover guaranteed issue, vacant, foreclosure and tenant occupied. No credit scoring, no photos, no claims history needed. Offered through an A-rated admitted market; online rating and binding available.
Available limits: Minimum $20,000, maximum $750,000.
Carrier: ABIC.
States: All states except Ala., Alaska, Colo., Fla., Hawaii, Iowa, La., Maine, Miss., Mont., N.H., R.I., S.D., Vt., and Wyo.
Contact: Craig Calver at 800-338-2680 ext. 508 or e-mail:

Contractors General Liability
Market Detail: Appleby and Sterling Inc. has a new general liability program for residential and commercial contractors. General contractors, roofing contractors, and artisan/trade contractors are eligible. New ventures are also eligible.
Available limits: Minimum $100,000, maximum $1 million.
Carrier: Unable to disclose, admitted.
States: Calif.
Contact: Mike Maurer at 805-583-9828, ext. 27 or e-mail:

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