Hilb Rogal & Hobbs Co. Implements CSR24

January 14, 2004

The Connecticut operations of Hilb Rogal & Hobbs Company announced its implementation of CSR24 provided by idNET, dba Afni Insurance Services.

With CSR24, HRH CT is able to deliver 24/7 customer service to their policyholders. Now, HRH CT customers are able to access their insurance information anytime and from anywhere, both over the Web and on the telephone.

“We had been looking at 24/7 services for a while and decided that CSR24 was the proven solution and the folks at Afni Insurance Services were experienced industry people that we’ve known and trusted,” stated Pat Reynolds of HRH CT.

HRH CT reportedly planned to achieve three main benefits from CSR24 – to reduce the workload of staff producing certificates of insurance and to enable them to perform other tasks, as a disaster recovery tool, and to increase their competitive advantage by offering the services customers expect. “It’s turned out to be that and much more,” continued Reynolds.

“CSR24 is used by our customers in a variety of ways, achieving a variety of benefits. Afni Insurance Services is pleased that a prominent brokerage such as HRH CT is able to realize the full power in the product,” noted Richard Roy, chairman and CEO of idNET, Inc., dba Afni Insurance Services. “CSR24 not only reduces agency workload, it actually improves customer relationships (cementing customer loyalty), it delivers a competitive advantage by offering services that customers want and that few competitors offer, and it is a proven disaster recovery solution.”

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