Irene Generated 28,500 Insurance Claims in Massachusetts

September 30, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene has generated an estimated 28,500 claims, totaling over $90 million in Massachusetts, according to latest estimates by the state’s insurance division. The totals include 4,800 claims of $15.6 million in western and central Massachusetts.

In western and central Massachusetts, Irene generated an estimated 350 claims worth over $960,000 in Berkshire County, more than 150 claims worth nearly $750,000 in Franklin County, more than 600 claims worth over $2.5 million in Hampden County, nearly 200 claims worth almost $800,000 in Hampshire County, and over 3,500 claims worth more than $10.6 million in Worcester County.

The counties in eastern and southern Massachusetts also saw extensive damage from Irene, with an estimated 1,000 claims worth nearly $2.6 million in Barnstable County, over 30 claims worth nearly $88,000 in Dukes County, over 1,000 claims worth over $4 million in Essex County, an estimated 6 claims worth over $13,000 in Nantucket County and more than 1,300 claims worth over $4.5 million in Suffolk County.

The counties with the highest amount of estimated claims were Plymouth County with over 4,300 claims worth more than $14 million, Bristol County with more than 4,000 claims worth nearly $14 million, Middlesex County with over 5,100 claims worth more than $17.4 million, and Norfolk County with over 5,300 claims worth more than $18 million.

Source: Massachusetts Division of Insurance, Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation

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