Ironshore Australia Launches M&A Product Suite

November 23, 2011

Ironshore Australia has established a merger and acquisition suite of products that will be available throughout the Asia Pacific region. The package will include coverage for buyers, sellers, taxes and environmental warranties.

The carrier said it developed these products in response to increased market demand for M&A solutions in this part of the world. Ironshore Australia will collaborate with regional law firms, accountants, consultants, private equity firms, financial instutions and small business owners and provide coverage through select brokers.

“The Asia Pacific region has been extremely active on the M&A front over the past few years and this activity is expected to continue. Australia is uniquely situated to capitalise on the above average growth prospects throughout the region through their world class financial and legal services industry,” said David Rogers, managing director of Ironshore Australia.

In addition to M&A product lines, Ironshore Australia provides coverage for professional lines, political risk and trade credit, global property and environmental products.

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