Xchanging Upgrades Mainframe Platform for London Market

January 3, 2012

Business processing specialist Xchanging announced that it has invested in a major upgrade of the mainframe platform at the heart of the London Market Bureau.

The bulletin explained that the company has purchased an IBM z114 machine, which it described as the “very latest mainframe available from IBM and the London market is the first place in the world the model has been brought into service.”

In addition the bulletin noted that the new mainframe “improves storage capacity, backup and speed of Bureau operations. The proactive step also improves processing capacity to provide for increased volumes of transactions.

“The upgrade has been undertaken by Xchanging as part of its commitment to deliver high quality, high availability services to the London Insurance Market. Implementation took place over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of December. This was achieved without incident and services resumed as normal on Monday morning.”

Max Pell, managing director, UK Insurance Sector commented: “The existing Bureau was based on ageing technology so Xchanging has made a substantial investment to secure the latest and best solution available for the market. Xchanging has worked closely with IBM to future proof the Bureau and provide lasting benefit to the market.”

Source: Xchanging

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