Xchanging Speeds up London Market BI Recovery – 24 Hours to 15 Minutes

November 6, 2012

Xchanging, the business process, procurement and technology services provider and integrator, announced that “following a series of tests, it has demonstrated a significant increase in its data recovery capability following business interruption.

“Results released this week,” Xchanging said, “show that, following an interruption, data for market participants can be recovered from as early as 15 minutes post event. This is a significant improvement on the previous period of up to 24 hour for recovery.

The improvement has been made possible following the upgrade of the insurance market mainframe and its parallel backup system by Xchanging earlier this year. The former process was cumbersome and therefore time consuming. It involved a van being dispatched to Xchanging’s data center in Southend and then driven to a backup centre in Warwick. The new backup system runs in parallel with the insurance mainframe with constant data streaming occurring in real time, negating the need for physical transportation of backup media.”

Xchanging’s Electronic Services Director Geoff Kennard commented: “It was greatly encouraging to see signs early on in the testing indicating the reduced recovery time that had been agreed with the market. It has now been confirmed that data will now be recoverable for all market participants to within 15 minutes of an interruption occurring. This brings market mainframe services into line with the recently renewed Insurers’ Market Repository (IMR) services.”

Source: Xchanging

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