XL Group Launches New Online Platform ‘Fast Fast Forward’ for Risks

June 10, 2013

XL Group announced the launch of “Fast Fast Forward,” which it described as a “new online platform for commentary, news and tools to advance discussion of risk and business challenges. Fast Fast Forward’s inaugural launch dives into two integral topics: Talent & Technology,” said the announcement.

CEO Mike McGavick said: “Today, like never before, winning the business means winning the long term battle for the best talent. This is especially true in (re)insurance, a heavily talent driven business. And to win the best talent, you have to create the right environment, where teams can work with and around the best tools and technology and are driven by understanding how technology, in a broader sense, is the accelerant that is changing – and challenging – everything.”

Elliott Bundy, XL’s Vice President of Strategic Communication, added: “Technology allows us to connect, share and collaborate. “That’s extremely important in this industry as we search for and develop solutions to help businesses manage or remove risks that stand in their way of progress. Fast Fast Forward is going to be an ongoing conversation. We’ll share news and insight from XL’s experts and other industry leaders about new and emerging risks and the complex issues we need to consider in today’s fast changing business environment.”
Here’s what can be found on Fast Fast Forward today.”

The bulletin also noted a recent article – “Talent & Technology as Growth Accelerators,” – by the group’s Chief Executive of North America Property & Casualty Seraina Maag on how technology is a major driver of change in the insurance business and the industries it serves and the need to attract the next generation of risk management professionals while at the same time using technology to streamline activities, improve costs and increase productivity.

In addition the new services has articles on “Cyber Terrorism: Infinite Risk and Infinite Exposures,” by XL’s IT Security Officer Thomas Dunbar “reporting on growing threat of cyber terrorism and the complex issues that underwriters, IT professionals and risk managers consider when looking to protect company’s technology from cyber attacks.

And also an examination of social media-related content, “including features on the risks of social media to business’ reputations by New York-based investor relations firm Sard Verbinnen & Co. and on how companies are insuring against social media risks by XL Group’s cyber risk team.”

Source: XL Group plc

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