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Egyptian Court Allows Seizure of Ship that Blocked Suez, Pending $900M Compensation

Apr 13 2021 // An Egyptian court allowed the ship that blocked the Suez Canal last month to be seized after a request from the waterway’s operator, which is demanding $900 million in compensation, according to local media. A court...

Suez Canal Authority Still in Talks About Compensation for Grounding of Container Ship

Apr 12 2021 // Egypt is still in talks about compensation stemming from the operations to free the giant container ship whose stranding in the Suez Canal for nearly a week roiled global cargo markets, the canal authority’s chief...

Huge Ship That Blocked Suez Canal Will Be Held Until Compensation Deal Is Reached

Apr 9 2021 // Egypt will release the giant container ship that had blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week once a deal is reached on compensation for related losses, the head of the canal’s authority said. “The ship is...

Sex Abuse Victims Say Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Plan Falls Short in Compensation, Details

Apr 7 2021 // The official committee representing child sex abuse victims in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy is asking a judge for permission to file its own reorganization plan, saying the plan proposed by the BSA falls woefully...

Viewpoint: Psychedelic Drugs to Treat Pain in Workers’ Compensation Cases?

Apr 6 2021 // Medical science has moved forward by leaps and bounds in recent years, and yet for too many injured workers, their initial work-related injury and subsequent medical treatment is only the start of an all-too-familiar...

4 Progressive Jobs Insurance Agencies Will Hire in 2021

Mar 22 2021 // When it comes to insurance agency hiring, producers and account managers are a broken record. Yes, your agency still needs them, but that isn’t newsworthy. These four positions gained momentum last year. If they...

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