ACE Launches New Corporate Travel Proposition in Sweden

May 20, 2015

ACE Group has launched in Sweden its new corporate travel proposition ACE Business Class, as it continues to enhance its multinational offering for companies in the Nordic region.

ACE Business Class provides comprehensive travel insurance cover by means of a dedicated policy wording for Sweden, combined with market-leading medical and travel assistance services. Features include:

  • 24/7 worldwide insurance and assistance coverage supported by a travelers’ hotline
  • New benefits related to personal belongings such as cover for fraudulent use of SIM card and stolen credit cards
  • Personal security and assistance cover including for cases of kidnap
  • Security evacuation covering a wide range of perils, including political and social unrest, terrorist attack and natural disaster
  • ACE Travel Smart, a new mobile app for travelers giving direct access to ACE’s medical and emergency assistance partners, live location-specific safety alerts and pre-travel destination advice and information.

ACE Business Class has been designed to offer flexible cover for the needs of Swedish companies with different risk profiles. However, the cover can be structured as a multinational insurance program, with an insurance policy issued to the parent company and local policies issued to subsidiaries. This business travel cover approach ensures compliant local insurance cover, backed-up by a comprehensive global service that can be adapted to suit companies of all sizes.

Over the summer, ACE Travel Smart app will be updated to incorporate additional innovative functionality, including an online dashboard for the managers of risk, insurance, human resources and benefits, which will help them track and communicate with traveling employees in real-time and connect them to the ACE Worldview technology platform.

“With employees increasingly traveling to less familiar destinations, European businesses need a solution that offers comprehensive insurance cover, combined with high-quality 24/7 emergency and medical assistance and the technology that helps them stay in control,” said Stephane Baj, regional director of A&H Corporate & Affinity, for ACE in Europe, Eurasia and Africa.

“ACE Business Class is an innovative solution that brings all the elements of ACE’s business travel proposition together, helping employers to fulfill their duty of care while providing the information that staff need to make their travel safer and easier,” Baj said.

“ACE Business Class brings to the marketplace a comprehensive proposition which has been well received elsewhere in Europe and combines the best of ACE’s knowledge and experience elsewhere around the world with a dedicated policy wording for Sweden,” said Anna Orhaug, head of Accident and Health for the Nordic countries at ACE.

“With ACE Business Class, we can tailor our offering to the specific needs of each client to ensure that they have the bespoke support they really need as their risks evolve,” Orhaug added.

Source: ACE Group

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