CCC Announces Enhancements to Suite of Claim Management Solutions

June 13, 2005

Chicago-based claims software-maker CCC Information Services Group Inc. announced several product enhancements to the company’s claim management solutions, which will be available to customers this summer.

These enhancements include:

— CCC Autoverse Claim Management version 4.0: Vehicle repair statusing functionality has been enhanced with version 4.0 of CCC Autoverse. Users will now be able to select from 12 status options and electronically notify insurance carriers of a particular vehicle’s status in the repair process, eliminating time spent placing multiple phone calls and exchanging voicemail messages. CCC Autoverse version 4.0 is also integrated with CCC’s Recycled Parts Service. By integrating CCC Autoverse with RPS, users can now review the availability, selection and use of recycled parts for individual estimates. Another new enhancement is a Claim History page that combines existing event log and notes functionality, giving users the ability to better track claim activity and history.

— CCC Accumark Reinspection version 1.1: With CCC Accumark Reinspection version 1.1, users can now customize their workstations to create multiple views of their workload, making it easier to identify and prioritize specific claims for reinspection, as well as enable reinspection supervisors to reassign work among available resources. Additionally, users now have two reinspection reporting options: (1) viewing a comprehensive report of a reinspection and (2) accessing an abbreviated and streamlined report, which includes only those line items where changes were made.

— CCC Intellisphere Insurance Reporting: CCC Intellisphere, formerly Claimscope Navigator, is CCC’s next-generation reporting tool. Designed with a more intuitive user interface, CCC Intellisphere Insurance Reporting offers multiple and customizable views into management and performance data, making it easier for insurers to search for and access information. The new user interface also streamlines the creation of ad hoc reports so users can spend more time analyzing the data instead of accessing it. Additionally, users of CCC Intellisphere can now automatically and electronically “push” their reports to multiple recipients, eliminating the need to manually create and send reports to interested parties. CCC Intellisphere integrates with collision estimating, vehicle valuation and audit and reinspection data, providing users with a comprehensive view of each claim.

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