Morningstar Analysts Cite Citgroup Among 10 Stocks to Watch

January 16, 2001

With earning season approaching, presented the view of its analysts with regard to ten of the most watched stocks, including Citigroup, as well as what may be on the horizon for those names and what measures will be closely scrutinized.

Morningstar analyst Alyssa Sibley cited Citigroup’s fourth-quarter earnings as a possible “bright spot” in a period which has seen others in the banking industry feeling the bite of such things as deteriorating credit quality and ongoing weakness in the capital markets.

Morningstar stated that Citigroup’s far-reaching diversification should provide a buffer from any potential blows the company may experience in similar areas. It is also expected that Citigroup will continue to report continued solid revenue and earnings growth in its core units, including consumer products like insurance.

Analysts will be also be monitoring the success of Citigroup’s cross-selling efforts among its retail and commercial clients. Other names listed in the report were Cisco, AOL Time Warner, Home Depot, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Pfizer, WorldCom and Intel.

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