IIAA President Supports AMS Services’ Decision

December 17, 2001

AMS Services decision to use IVANS Transformation Station has the potential to provide a significant boost to efficient agent-company electronic transactions, said Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA) President Tom Ahart.

AMS Services joins Applied Systems and DORIS as users of IVANS Transformation Station. The application empowers agents to conduct business with multiple carriers through their agency management system on a real-time basis. Over 20,000 independent agencies currently use the automation systems of these three insurance technology firms.

“IIAA commends AMS Services for deciding to use Transformation Station to enhance the company interface capabilities of its agency management systems,” commented Ahart, president of Ahart, Frinzi & Smith of Phillipsburg, N.J. “This positive development has the potential to create the critical mass the industry needs to make SEMCI-Single-Entry, Multiple-Company Interface-a reality. IIAA and its Agents Council for Technology (ACT) pledge to do all in their power to help the industry realize the efficiencies that can occur from this significant milestone.”

Ed Higgins, chairman of ACT and principal of Thousand Islands Agency in Clayton, N.Y. added: “It is now critical for as many insurance companies as possible to support this initiative, for automation vendors to make this capability available broadly to their users, and for agents to implement the software upgrades to take advantage of this new processing capability. We understand that this is only the beginning and that a lot of work still must be done. However, we are very encouraged by the initial pilots. ACT embraces this industry initiative as a positive step forward in the effort to create automation efficiencies that will improve agency operations, enhance the company underwriting process and allow both to better serve their customers.”

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