ISO Adds to EPL Program with Comprehensive Underwriting Guide

July 3, 2002

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) has added to the ISO Employers AdvantageSM employment-practices liability (EPL) program with a comprehensive underwriting guide that will assist insurers in evaluating their prospective customers’ exposure to employment-related liability claims and workplace lawsuits.

The new ISO Employers Advantage underwriting guide provides an array of tools and reference materials for more efficient and profitable risk selection and to help employers assess their exposure to potential risks.

The underwriting guide rounds out ISO’s core EPL insurance program—coverage forms and endorsements, manual rules, and advisory prospective loss costs— and complements the risk-management and human-resources services delivered through its two business partners, the workplace HELPLINE and Laurdan Associates. Both firms provide workplace-liability-related consulting services.

The ISO Employers Advantage underwriting guide comprises: an EPL application; commentary on the essential elements underwriters need to consider in making decisions on risk submissions; evaluation of individual risk characteristics for bottom-line risk assessment and scoring of risks on a “point value” scale; and reference materials for underwriters that can also be used in training underwriters at different experience levels.

Apart from the underwriting guide, ISO Employers Advantage provides insurers the choice of on-line or telephone support and assistance with questions on applications and underwriting criteria through the workplace HELPLINE and Laurdan Associates. Through these partners, ISO also offers risk-management consulting services and training to underwriters.

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