Main Street America Group’s Online Homeowner Policy Change Function Proving Success

August 2, 2002

Main Street America Group announced that the recent rollout of its homeowner policy change request application online has been well received by its independent agency partners.

Main Street America Group’s homeowner policy change request allows agents to change policies via the carrier’s Web site ( Agents log in to a secure site, using a company-authorized user ID and password. Once into the site, they can access several different functions, including homeowner and auto policy change requests, billing and claims inquiry, and financial reporting.

Greg Manning, Director of Agency Desktop Solutions, noted, “Our agents have responded quickly and unequivocally on this new functionality. Utilization is climbing steadily and the feedback we’re getting is very positive.

“With the homeowner change request, our agents can work on existing policies, such as changing an address, adding a mortgagee or modifying coverages. The information is sent to Main Street America Group, where it’s processed and downloaded directly to the agency’s management system. It’s great because the CSR doesn’t need to rekey the information. That saves time and reduces errors.”

Main Street America Group has developed a program to support its agents in taking advantage of this new functionality. A comprehensive tutorial, online guide and help section is available on the Web site. In addition, a special help desk number has been established for agents or CSRs who need guidance through the screens.

“We haven’t received many calls at all,” said Deb Bissell, Agency Automation Specialist. “It’s really easy to use and the agents are learning to use it by themselves. The tutorial and online guide have really helped them find the answers they need right when they need them.”

The homeowner policy change request is the next step in Main Street America Group’s goal of providing complete functionality to its agents online, according to Manning. “We want our agents to be able conduct business with us anywhere, any time. The homeowners function is just another step to accomplishing this goal.”

Main Street America Group is planning several additional releases in 2002, with more in 2003, Manning said. In the next few months, the carrier will begin introducing a Commercial Quick Quote product, which generates quotes for commercial business online in real time.

In the fourth quarter of 2002, Main Street America Group will introduce further enhancements to the homeowners capability as well as a new online bill payment option for agents.

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