ADP Claims Services Announces Shoplink Version 6.3

August 30, 2002

ADP Claims Services Group announced the general availability of Shoplink v6.3(TM). The new version combines ADP’s unparalleled database with integrated imaging, decision support and improved graphics, giving users complete and accurate estimates that help reduce supplements and improve cycle time.

The newest version of Shoplink also provides repair facilities with the necessary tools and support they need to participate in open direct repair programs.

“Shoplink helps repair facilities generate real-world, accurate estimates in centralized e-files that streamline the claim process for repairers and seamlessly route the information to insurers, which can help interested repair facilities meet DRP requirements,” said Fred Bersot, Shoplink product manager for ADP’s Claims Services Group. “Shoplink customers tap into ADP’s… database through easy-to-use graphics and tools for accurate labor calculations, breakouts for aftermarket parts and even customer care benefits like the new recall bulletin.”

More than 60 repair facilities, including leading consolidators, tested Shoplink 6.3 before its release and ADP has assembled a strong implementation team to ensure new and existing Shoplink users are up and running quickly. Shoplink’s nearly 10,000 existing U.S. users can upgrade to Shoplink v6.3 for no additional cost.

“Shoplink version 6.3 is so much easier to use,” said Mike Payne of Roberts Albright Pontiac, a Kansas City, Mo., facility that tested the new Shoplink. “The added features, the labor times, the way it calculates time, you don’t miss money you should get paid for.”

Shoplink exclusively features CATview®, the same feature used by insurance companies in catastrophe situations, to quickly identify—in a single view—90 percent of the most commonly replaced parts. Also very effective in light to moderate collisions, it eliminates the need for users to toggle between multiple vehicle sections, so they can complete an estimate using one single screen.

Loaded with a host of new and improved features, Shoplink v6. 3 enables repair facilities to grow their business by satisfying both customers and insurance carriers. Such features include:

• Single-solution integrated imaging allows repairers to select, attach and transmit images from one screen with a couple of mouse clicks;
• The advanced refinish option helps customers use blend refinish options only if they are applicable to the repair, resulting in better estimate accuracy;
• Additional labor/decision support automatically includes parts and labor associated with a repair so all parts and labor, including overlaps, are considered in the estimate;
• Supplement reconciliation reports on parts or labor charges have been added, deleted, or reduced to clarify estimate totals. These 1-2 page reports concisely explain how labor parts were recalculated in supplement situations;
• Graphic tool tips is a unique feature that enables users to identify parts by rolling the mouse over an image instead of clicking on image parts;
• A recall bulletin informs shops of recalled parts or assemblies even during unrelated repairs, demonstrating care and building customer loyalty;
• Aftermarket parts breakout between re-manufactured and reconditioned parts improves parts classification and adherence to aftermarket parts criteria; and
• Mandatory uploads, based on insurance DRP requirements, ensure deadlines are met.

“We can’t all remember everything all the time, that’s just the human factor. With the Decision Support Wizard, the system is becoming more the estimator’s assistant,” said Dan Stander of Jerry Stander’s Collision Works in Littleton, Colo., another repairer that tested Shoplink v6.3. “Integrated imaging is easy to use. You just click to attach photos and keep rolling along with the estimate. It’s especially helpful if you use multiple software systems.”

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